Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Finally" made it!

The last couple months the scale has been slow in moving, but I have now made my ultimate weight loss goal of being below 200 lb!!! I am 199.4 lb as of last Friday :-) I had to wait to get some pics before I posted my awesome news because I knew you would be asking- hahaha! It is very exciting to be in this new body and to look back at what my body looked like only 7 months ago. Can you believe that? It has been only 7 months since I started on this journey and less than 5 months since my surgery. What an accomplishment! I feel very blessed that I have had such success in my journey, that is for sure.

At this point in my journey I feel pretty "normal." I can eat anything anyone else would eat, I just have a small portion. For instance, I might have an egg with cheese and a slice of deli ham for breakfast, half a turkey/cheese sandwich on wheat or oat nut bread for lunch, some sort of protein rich snack and a small pork chop with green beans and mashed potatoes for dinner. Pretty darn "normal" right? LOL I feel really good and am happy with my body. It sags and drags in places it "shouldn't" but that is a small price to pay to be healthy and hopefully soon be able to conceive a baby!!!

Aaron's urology appointment got rescheduled to December and I am now waiting to ovulate, so who knows! Things are in God's hands right now :-)