Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post Op Drama

Oy! Where to start?

For the last couple days I have had dizzy spells off and on. Then last night I started feeling really lethargic as well. I wondered if my blood pressure was too low so I took my BP on my home monitor and it was 90/72! That is VERY low for me. Of course I freaked out! My mom advised me to get me feet up and drink as much water as I could since I was probably dehydrated. I did just that and in an hour my BP was 139/92. Then I looked down at my belly button incision bc it felt irritated and it was gushing white watery bloody fluid. UGH! This is the same incision that had opened up a few days ago. I was told to close it back up again with steri strips, but now it was draining fluid!

Long story short-

1. I am dehydrated bc it is really hard for me to get in enough water every day. The nurse at the bariatric center told me to concentrate on getting enough water and drinking my protein shakes and not eat my food until I see the Doctor on Friday.

2. I am not to take my BP meds until I see my Doctor on Friday. The Doctor would rather my BP be on the higher side than be too low and have me pass out.

3. I have to leave my bellybutton incision open, pack it with gauze and cover it to let it drain and heal from the inside out. Sooo not fun.

Just when I thought everything was moving along smoothly....

Monday, June 28, 2010

One Week Post- Op

hi there! Sorry I havn't been doing much updating. Sitting at the computer is definitly not the most comfortable spot in the house at the moment. So, I guess I will start at the beginning to get you all up-to-date!

As I told you in my last post, I had to take some magnesium the night before to "clean my system out." and boy did it! HAHAHAHA I lost a few pounds just from Sunday to Monday because my system was so.... clear! Aaron, mom and I dot to kaiser very early at 6:30 am and started the whole checking in process. Everything seemed to go really quickly on my end at that point. I got changed into hospital garb, got my IV started, answered all the question (there's a looooong list she had to ask), met with the anesthesiologist, met with Dr Dennen and off I went to the OR! Mom and Aaron later told me it took my Doctor longer than usual to do my surgery, the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (The Sleeve), because I have a 'J' shaped stomach as opposed to the 'normal' crescent shape. Who knew!?

I don't remember much from the recovery room, really the first thing I remember was when they were moving me into my room. I was very uncomfortable from my abdomen being full of gas. Oh my goodness! It was the WORST. After a little while they wanted me to get up and around, so I went for a walk around the floor and then I sat up for a good 2 hours. Mom and Aaron took turns rubbing my back to help the gas come up. That helped SOOOO much. Getting up and around, sitting in a chair and being "burped" was all it took to make me feel a whole lot better.

By Tuesday, I was ready to get out of there, but they wanted to make sure I would be ok putting food in my tummy so I had to stay. I had two meals of "clear liquid" consisting of a whopping 3 oz of liquid. Then they moved me to "full liquid" for dinner, which was 1oz of cream soup, 1oz of pudding, and 1 oz of jello. I kept it all down so we were able to head home. I almost forgot... my Dr also wanted to do this special x-ray to make sure I didn't have any leaks on my sleeve. They made me drink this horrible concoction then turned me upside down (literally) while they took pictures of my stomach. Everything looked perfect!

now, at a week out, I have been recovering well. Every day I feel a little bit better, so that's good. I did not envision the recovery being this slow, but I guess it is to be expected when I had 80% of my stomach removed! haha

I am on a "full liquid" diet consisting of cream soups (strained), broth, pudding, jello, yogurt, cottage cheese, Popsicles, etc. I eat approx 1/2 cup of food at each meal and then do a protein drink in between each meal (has to have at least 25g of protein.) Plus all my supplements and medications.

The most interesting/different/difficult part so far has been taking pills. I used to be able to just take a handful of pills with a few gulps of water and be done with it. Now I have to take one at a time with only a tiny sip of water (it is very uncomfortable to take more than a small sip) and I can feel the pill(s) moving through my sleeve. It's a very odd feeling which I am told will not bother me any more once the staple line along my stomach has healed.

I have six incisions where they put the scope and instruments through. Most are about 1/2 inch long, two are longer at about 1.5 inches. The tape came off the one on my belly button this weekend and opened up, so I had to get some steri strips and close it back up.

As far as activity goes, I try to do more every day. The first few days I walked around the neighborhood a bit and one time went too far which made me hurt. But, now I try to go out and run errands with my husband every day to walk around stores, drop mail at the post office, etc. Last evening I even went to a drum and bugle corp. competition! I was VERY tired and sore by the end, but it was very fun. I came straight home and took a cold shower and then iced my tummy while I watched 'Drop Dead Diva.'

oh, I guess I should also mention I did weigh in today and I am now 259.2 lb !! I am very excited to be in the 250s. It has been a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I was able to go through my stash of clothes I have kept around for "when I lose weight" so I have a whole 'new' wardrobe to wear. Very fun! Here's the updated pics: 1 week Post Op!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow!!

Hi everyone! Surgery is tomorrow- Hooray! Yesterday I had to do the Stage 2 diet which meant liquid and partial liquid diet only. I had yogurt for breakfast, cream of chicken soup, yogurt, lime jello and a fruit Popsicle for dinner. It was a whopping 500 calories in one day! Yikes! hahaha Today was FULL liquid and only clear liquids at that. So, I had a protein drink for breakfast, the broth from onion soup and decaf tea for lunch and probably some chicken broth and maybe another protein drink tonight. So, I might take in 200-300 calories today. Holy cow- that's NOTHING! hahaha

As you know, today is father's day. My dad was so awesome to come up to see me for a couple days and join me in singing at church. It was so nice to share this day with him. I got all dressed up for the day and was able to wear my going away dress from Aaron and my wedding day. It didn't even fit me as well on the wedding day as it does today. It feels sooooo good! Mom and dad will be passing each other on the 99 as dad goes home (he has to work tomorrow) and mom comes here to be with us for a few days after surgery. It is always nice to have mommy around when I'm 'sick' :-)

here are the final post-op pics to share. I am officially down 44 pounds! Yay me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 9- Almost there!

This is the last week until surgery! Hooray! So far the week is going so S-L-O-W...

As you might have read on my facebook page, I have been having an issue with my evening walks. My dogs and I have been chased, attacked and/or harassed by BIG dogs with irresponsible owners. The other night I came home crying and so upset because I simply didn't feel safe walking in my own neighborhood. I was having a hard time getting myself to go on my walks. I did finally go on a walk again last night and Aaron came along. Of course, when he is there with me there were no big dogs that came and harassed us. I hope drama free walks can continue because I need my exercise! Plus I have come to enjoy my evening walks with the dogs.

Anyway, here are the pics from Monday. I am down another 1.5 lb

Monday, June 14, 2010


It has been a busy day. I did take my weekly photos this am and will post tomorrow about my weight loss over the last week and post the pics. Sorry it's late

Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 8- No Loss

no loss this week.

With the surgery coming up I have been loose on my diet a bit, allowing myself to have some meals/foods that I will not be able to have for quite a while after surgery ie Pizza, steak, pasta, rice/chinese etc.

I have still kept up on my exercising and have even lengthened my walking, which I am sure the dogs enjoy ;-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pre- Op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday and it went really well! I was kinda nervous that something would come up and they would put my surgery off, but that didn't happen. Whew!

I met with the surgeon who did a physical, which was all fine. We talked about me choosing the sleeve over the bypass. He said there was no reason for him to suggest one over the other, so I should choose whichever I Am most comfortable with. So, yay! Sleeve it is! It was so cool to go over the list of surgical risks and complications and have him cross off a whole bunch of stuff that just is not applicable to the sleeve. I got all the paperwork signed and turned in my FMLA and disability paperwork to the business office.

I had to do a pre-op EKG as well, just to make sure I had a normal rhythm. That was all perfect- which was a relief. I have been told a few times I have abnormal glitch on the T-wave, but it was not there this time.

Officially my surgery is on June 21st at 8am. I have to be there at 6:30am (ugh!) so we will be staying overnight in Fremont. If everything goes well in the surgery and recovery I will be released from the hospital on the afternoon of the 22nd. I will be off work for a month, which will be hard financially, but I will be able to collect short term disability and have some vacation time I can use as well. It will be tight since Aaron is unemployed, but God has always provided in the past!

Thank you for being so encouraging along the way. I can't wait for the next phase of this journey to begin! Only 15 more days!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I don't know what to do about birth control after I have surgery in a couple weeks. ugh! It is so contradictory for me, someone who has struggled to conceive for a long time, to go on birth control. I don't really want to go on any kind of hormonal birth control, but I dont know what all my other alternatives are and which would be best for me. What about a copper IUD? Family planning (charting, tracking cervical mucus, preventing when fertile)? Diaphragm? Condom? I just don't know!

I definitly DO NOT want to get pregnant until my doctors say it is OK, so I want to make sure to use the best form FOR ME. But, I just dont know what to do. ugh. I dont want to mess with my fertility, which is why I shy away from taking ANYTHING with hormones.

HELP ME, my friends!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 7- I need new clothes!

I didn't quite realize how big my clothes are on me until I saw my pics today! This shirt and pant combo are not even the 26es I WAS wearing. They are both 24s and are still huge on me! Hooray! So, today's pics aren't the best since my body is hiding under clothes that are too big, but you get the point. :-)

FYI- Surgery is 2 weeks and 6 days away!