Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Help

Since we found out six weeks ago about Natalie having Spina Bifida, Aaron and I have been overwhelmed with the support and prayers from family and friends. We are often told to let people know if we need anything and asked how our friends and family can help. I have been reluctant to let people know how to help, but after meeting with a therapist today, I realize I need to let people help us and to not be afriad to tell people what we need. So, here goes....

Prayer Needs

I know so many people have been praying for us and Natalie and we appreciate it SO MUCH!! Here are a few specific requests so you can know how to pray for us.

- Please pray for Aaron and I to continue to draw close to each other and to God as we walk this new journey

- Please pray for my health as I strive to make it to full term (37 weeks pregnant.) Natalie's prognosisis so much better if she is full term, so this is very important for her recovery.

- Please pray for Natalie to continue to thrive and grow in utero. Pray that the hydrocephalus stays under control.

- Please pray for financial provision for our family.

Emotional Needs

I struggle when I spend hours at a time alone. I need friends to call me, visit me, send emails, etc. It is really hard for me to step out and say this, but it is truth. My best days have been when I have been able to spend time with friends and family. My hardest days have been when I have been home alone.

ALSO, when we are in the hospital I would love to have visitors! The therapist I saw today suggested setting up some kind of sign up sheet since we can only have a limited number of people at a time. So, I think I will work on this. But, please, don't be afraid to come see us and Natalie while she is recovering.

Physical Needs

As we prepare for a long stay at the hospital, Aaron and I have been a little overwhelmed at the physical needs we will have that we honestly don't know how to obtain. We're trusting God will provide for these needs somehow... Some of them have already been met, too- which is awesome! We were in need of housing during Natalie's NICU stay and someone graciously offered to lend us their 5th wheel trailer! Other things we are in need of include:

- Gift cards for meals such as fast food (Subway, Jack In The Box, Togo's, McDonald's, Del Taco, Carl's Jr. are all near by) , grocery stores (Safeway, Raley's, WalMart and Target are near by), restaurants (Macaroni Grill, Dos Coyotes, TGIFriday, Chili's, Squeeze Inn are near by), etc.

- Gas Cards

- We need someone to either house sit for us OR people who would be willing to take in our dogs while we are gone, pick up our mail, and/or check on the house periodically.

Thanks, once again, for being such a great support system for both Aaron and myself. The therapist was so happy to hear that Aaron and I have such a large network of people who have been ready, willing, and able to provide support and prayers through this time. We really are so blessed to have such great friends and family!

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  1. Way to go Robin! I am proud of you for your courage and strength! Dee Dee