Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prayers Please

I had an ultrasound today to check on Natalie's growth, my placenta and all that since I have chronic hypertension. The u/s tech did my last u/s as well so she was aware of the SB and did some measurements for that as well, since she knew what the concerns were. Anyway... her ventricles are measuring up to 22 mm now, a marked increase from last u/s. The ventricles are the space in the brain where fluid is building up causing hydrocephalus. The slight increas in the ventricles size at the 20 weeks ultrasound is what first triggered that there was something wrong with our baby girl. Over 10mm is abnormal and over 15 is marked or severe. In the last 3 weeks, since the last ultrasound, they have grown from 16mm and 188 to now 22mm. My OB emailed me and said she forwarded the report to Natalie's neurosurgeon and to the MFM (perinatologist) handling my care to see if they think the c-section needs to be moved up for natalie's health. It feels like my guts are being ripped out. While I know the ventricles can get bigger than they are and still be "okay" as in not doing damage to her brain, it still freaks me out. This momma's heart hurts for her baby girl so bad..... I called the pedi neurosurgeon's office and talked to the medical assistant. She said Dr. McNatt was in a meeting, but that she would leave hima message and put a post-it note on his computer so he would call me back. He is the one who really knows her health and condition and can tell me it's okay... or not. The most worrisome part to me is that it grew so much in just 3 weeks... how much more will it grow in the three MORE weeks we have until her scheduled section date??