Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas, New Years or Not at All??

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't convinced I ovulated, so I wanted to consult all my friends out there and see what your thoughts are....

Like I said before, I wasn't having my typical post-O symptoms (tender breasts, fatigue, etc.) and my temps were kinda all over the place. But, leading up to Christmas day I had a really great downward trend with my temps and a nice rise. The only thing is that the rise was not up where my typical post-o temps are... but, I am not sure that matters much. Anyway.... here is my chart with Option 1: ovulation on Christmas Eve. ps- if you click on it you will see a larger version.

Now.... here is what I am wondering.... did I actually not ovulate until New Years Eve??? If you look at my chart you will see open circles on CD (cycle day) 21 and 22. This is because on those days I was sleeping over at my parent's house and got very little sleep. I went to bed very late and was woken up by my niece and/or dad several times. So, I didn't get a lot of sleep which could affect my temps. I thought I already Oed and was busy with family so I wasn't checking my cervical mucus (CM) to see if it continued to be fertile. I did check on my anniversary and it was fertile, but this is not necessarily abnormal. Since I have PCOS and often have elevated levels of estrogen I often have fertile CM (estrogen is the hormone which affects the changes in CM.) Anyway.... if I discard these two temps that could very well be inaccurate, you can see a nice clear rise on New Years Day which could then indicate ovulation on New Years Eve. This is what my chart would look like if I adjusted it to reflect ovulation on new years eve

All that said, there is still one more possible option.... it is completely anovulatory meaning I did not ovulate at all.

So, what do you think???? I know there are some of you out there who have been through fertility treatments, tracking cycles and everything else so I want to hear what you think :-)

And here are my current "symptoms":

* I started having some abdominal tenderness on new years day. It feels like my bladder is always full even after I urinate. And, no.... it is not because I need to poo! Although, tonight I was cramping pretty bad and thought AF was going to be showing up and it turned out I just needed to use the restroom. TMI WARNING: when I push it feels like my uterus is going to fall out! hahaha

* My boobs started feeling tingly a few days ago and then last night that turned into tender nipples. They are still tender today.

* Emotional/ mood swings

* Increased Appetite

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  1. UGH I know you just got your BFP and I it is just painful looking at your charts (I hate temping!!!) After years of TTC with no success I am stuck in the post surgery world of trying to make a descion on when I want to stop taking BCP and not be so concerned with loosing weight. It is so complicated! Thanks so much for sharing your story keep us posted!