Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm a MOM!

... a God-Mom, that is.

Today Carlton and William were baptised at my church, so they are now officially my God Children! yay! Everything went really well. William was as feisty as ever and Carlton just went with the flow. They both got their candles to light each year on the anniversary of their baptism and Carlton LOVED his candle. He played with that candle the whole service even refusing to give it up for Thomas the Train! HAHAHA That's unheard of, if you know what I mean!

Lunch was really great- everyone came over for the feast I prepared and seemed to really enjoy it. I think I did ok on what I ate as well. I had a couple bites of beans a few chips (5-7 chips) with salsa, one small serving of each casserole, and of course I had to have some of the strawberry pizza as well. Wow, now that I write it down it seems like a LOT, but it really was not much so I think I am ok.

Let me tell you a bit about my Carlton. One day near the end of November 2008 a new child started in my classroom. Carlton was the cutest darn thing EVER, but, poor little guy, he was so frightened being away from everything familiar to him. So, I took him under my wing and became his one-on-one caregiver until he became more comfortable with the other children and teachers in the room. Let me tell you... this was NOT a short process. This little one needed me to be right next to him every moment of the day for a good 2 months before he felt comfortable enough to move away from my side. The other teachers in the room joked about him being my 'adopted son' since he and I clearly had a deep bond. Let me tell you... I truly love this boy like he is my own baby. He was born a month after the due date of the first baby I carried and lost, Jonah Dominick. Deep in my heart I believe God sent Carlton to me. When I hug him, kiss him, hold him and tell him I love him it is like I am also hugging, kissing, holding and telling my own Jonah how much I love him as well. I am so proud to now officially be his momma in Christ. I will never take it for granted.

Carlton, William, Anne and Carl... I love you all so much and am honored to be a part of your life. May the bond we all share continue to grow as we continue down the path God has laid before us. Thank you for inviting Aaron and I into your life and future.

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