Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr Appointment Today

for anyone who cares....

My OB/GYN appointment was today and it went well. I liked my new Doc... It was nice to have a Dr come into the room and tell me all about my medical history instead of me having to rehash it ONCE AGAIN. Seemed like she read nearly all my record because she told me all about it! That was a nice change from my last OB/GYN who asked me "why are we doing this again?" at my last biopsy. UGH! I mean could he not read my file before he comes in the room or (OMG!) possibly remember a patient with a very serious medical condition. I know my former OB/GYN remembered me and my history every time I came in. I got some provera since I havn't had a real period since march. (Provera is a synthetic progesterone that will cause my body to think it has ovulated and thus cause a withdrawal bleed in a couple weeks. Once I get my cycle, I will do CD3 blood work to check all my hormone levels to see what the status is of my PCOS. She said no on the u/s bc she said it wouldn't really tell her anything new and I would have one once i got to the infertility specialists again (OK, whatever). I forgot to ask for a referral to an endocrinologist, so I might send her an email to ask about getting one for me.

oh, and I do not have to get another referral to the infertility specialists once my surgeon gives us the green light, which is GREAT!

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