Sunday, August 29, 2010


Just a quick update....

I took my last provera on Thursday (that is the pill the Dr gave me to restart my cycle) and got a visit from Aunt Flo yesterday. So, tomorrow (day three of my cycle) I will be going to get blood work taken to see where I am at hormone-wise. It will be very interesting to see what the results are. I am also excited to see if the provera will get my cycles restarted. That would be seriously awesome. Once the bleeding slows I will start taking my basal body temperature again and would be THRILLED if I start ovulating on my own. Come on body... you can do it!


  1. ps- I have lost nearly 95 lbs now ;-) I am soooo excited to get to the 100 lb mark. How cool will it be to say I have lost 100+ lbs!?!?

  2. Have you found out the results? Good luck this cycle!