Saturday, October 2, 2010

No relief

Hi everyone! I have not yet had any relief in my flank pain or abdomen pain. I went to the Dr this week to be checked out and she agreed with the ulcer diagnosis and thought the flank pain MIGHT be kidney stones or a kidney infection, so she ordered a urinalysis and x-rays. They came back showing nothing, so we still don't really know what the flank pain is about. Maybe I just need a chiropractic adjustment!?! haha

This week Aaron did his latest semen analysis. We were really hoping it would show some good improvement since he has been on the hormone therapy for almost a year now, but it was actually worse. After a few hours of crying and feeling sorry for ourselves, Aaron got on line and started researching to try to find SOMETHING that might help his sperm count. He found some very interesting information in this search.... He found that Prozac and other SSRIs can cause male factor infertility in the areas of sperm count and morphology (the amount of abnormal vs normal sperm). These studies he found were done by VERY prestigious universities, so it was pretty safe to say they are legit. Aaron took this information to his psych appointment on Thursday and his psychologist was thoroughly shocked and agreed that Aaron should go off the Prozac. So, he will be gradually reducing his dose over the next couple weeks and then he will retest with another semen analysis in three months (that is how long it takes to produce sperm). Aaron also made an appointment with his urologist to see if there is anything he will suggest to do to improve Aaron's count. Oh, and as part of his research, Aaron also found some information on a leading Dr in the field of male factor infertility who happens to be located in San Francisco. Aaron sent them an email to see what the appointments cost, so he may try to get in with this Dr for a consult at some point. And we are also looking into acupuncture to help with male infertility. If you can't tell, we are going to do anything we can to help boost Aaron's fertility.
In other really great news, Aaron finally got his
referral for weight loss surgery, so hopefully the process will keep moving forward quickly for him :)

Here are my latest photos. I am down about 107 lb :)


  1. Looking good Robin! I'm actually not surprised to hear that about SSRIs. I didn't ovulate for 18 months and it wasn't until after 12 months that I discovered that my anti-psychotic was the cause! I say anyone on ANY med, but especially psych meds should review the side effects to see if it could affect their fertility.

    Hopefully that will make a difference! Shame on his psychiatrist for not knowing it though!