Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Close!

So, I am sooo close to the 200 lb mark- it's killing me! LOL I am at 202.8 lb at this point (113 lbs down!) and I am just waiting for the morning where I will step on the scale and hit the 199 mark. I can't wait! That will be quite the personal victory for me :)

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to try to start getting involved in some organized sports again, so I went out to the Elk Grove community center where the city volleyball league was starting. I didn't have a team and had to sign up as a "free agent" on their web site, but I got to join a team who needed a female for the night. I am still hoping I will find a team this week (this is the last week to add players) but most teams seem like they have enough players :-/ I also listed myself as a free agent for softball and got an email about joining a co-ed softball team for next season, but I want to get going doing some kind of sport NOW! LOL I should sign up as a free agent for BBall as well and see what I can pick up. It is nice to be back playing, though. And my knee hasn't bothered me at all! yay!

On the fertility front.... I have been asked several times if my cycles have started up on their own yet, and no... they havn't. I started a round of provera last night, so I should get a visit from Aunt Flo in a week or so. I guess I can let the cat out of the bag by saying Aaron and I are able to "not prevent" at this point and in December we should be cleared to start medical intervention, including insemination. So, we will see what happens. Hopefully my body will decide to start working the way it is supposed to again and everything will come together the way it is supposed to. Oh! And Aaron has a urology appointment to go over our options with his low counts and the studies Aaron found linking male factor infertility and anti-depressants. I'll keep everyone updated as that progresses.

I will take some pics soon. I did some one Sunday, but they didn't come out looking very good and I dont want to show them off! LOL So, for now, here is a pic of me carrying William at the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago :)

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