Friday, August 17, 2012

Time Goes On...

The last couple weeks have been rough for me. I've been trying to keep my mind and body busy with sewing and crafting for Natalie's room, but it's still been pretty hard....

Next Tuesday we have a repeat ultrasound with the perinatologist to check on the fluid building up in Natalie's head and also to try and get a clearer picture of the neural tube defect. At the same time we are supposed to be doing the delivery planning, setting a date for delivery and getting all that stuff set up. I am anxious to get this over with so we can move forward with the last several weeks of this pregnancy.

So, as I said, I have been sewing and crafting for Natalie's room and today I was able to finish the curtains for her room! They are lined with blackout fabric so her room can get nice and dark during the day, keep out street lights at night (for when she eventually uses it for night sleeping) as well as helping regulate temperature in that room. We don't have the curtain rod yet, so I just hung them up in the office to see how they draped and make sure everything lined up and looked nice and.... I LOVE THEM! Yay! I also have the crib skirt mostly completed. I don't want to finish it until we have the crib up because I want to make sure they fit perfectly.

The crib... that's a whole issue in itself. *sigh* We finally got her room done this week (new window, removed and replaced baseboards, new closet doors, painted) and had a carpet cleaner come in to make her room safe and clean. On Wednesday we opened up the box the crib was in only to find one of the legs was broken :( I called Babies r Us and was able to take the piece in and get a replacement piece. The next day (last night) when we went in to put it together we found that the headboard piece was defective. The trim along the top was pulling apart from the main piece. So... I called, once again. At this point we asked them to just send us a brand new crib from the manufacturer, which they origionally said they could do. But, suddenly the story changed and our crib was not available for order at the moment. So, the resolution was to order the defective piece and give us a 20% refund on the price of the crib. Of course, now we have to wait 7-14 days to get this piece which does not make this momma happy AT ALL. But, it is what it is.

Anyway... here's a picture of the curtains :)

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  1. Beautiful Curtain :) I can't wait to see pictures of your Nursery. I pray all goes well next week at the appt and that BRU hurries and gets the parts to the crib to you. The last few weeks of preparing are always hair pulling stressful. Hang in there Momma!