Sunday, May 2, 2010

Appointment with the Surgeon

sorry I am just getting to update on my appointment with the surgeon on Friday....

I went out to dinner on Thursday for my birthday (AGAIN, this time with Aaron's mom and sister) and probably ate a bit too much and I also drank soda. So Friday in the afternoon I was retaining water, I guess, because I weighed in at 297. UGH, SOOOO frustrating! The surgeon said he wants me to get down to 285lb before they will do the surgery, and I was so very upset about that. I thought it would be closer to 295, so I totally thought I had reached my goal. If I would have known that it would be lower, I would have been so much more strict on myself through all the birthday and baptism celebrations. oh well. So, I am supposed to call when I get to 290 so they can get me on the surgery schedule. I weighed today and I am 291.4 so I am almost there.

I asked him about the two year wait to get pregnant and what my history and situation was. He said after 12 months it would be safe, but he would prefer to wait until 18 months! So, yay! I have official word from the surgeon that we dont have to wait 2 years.

He told me I should consider the bypass instead of the sleeve bc there is a lot of data on PCOS resolving after a bypass. There aren't ANY case studies after the sleeve, but that is more because it is a newer procedure. So, I will consider it but I want to know if maybe he wants to be the first Dr to do that case study on PCOS and the sleeve. So, we will see. I dont have to decide right away.

I also met with a dietitian from the bariatric program to talk about what I have been doing with my diet and what the post surgery diet will be like. She was VERY impressed with all the big changes I have already made and how much weight I have already lost. She thinks I will do well after surgery, so yay! The only thing I need to do is start taking all the vitamins and supplements I will need to take to replace what I will not be able to take in anymore.

I anticipate calling sometime this week to let them know I Am at 290lb so we can get a surgery date!


  1. Sorry about the disappointment but HOLY HOORAH about almost being there now! Wow, you are impressive!

    That is such wonderful news about the TTCing sooner! That's a big relief I am sure and wouldn't the PCOS going BYE BYE be about the most awesome thing EVER?

    Congrats honey and way to go!

  2. That is great, and encouraging news Robin!! Awesome! Will keep praying for more of these good moments and encouragements as you continue on this journey. You are in my prayers Daily. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. Its going to be Awesome, I feel it!!

  3. Wow! Sounds like the Dr. visit was VERY encouraging! Yay! You are almost there!

  4. You left out the HUGE contribution I made to the appointment!

  5. that was me Aaron