Thursday, May 6, 2010

Step in the Right Direction... or not?

I have to say... my surgeon ROCKS! I didn't know, but he is the head of the department and he kicks butt. You know how there were no psych eval appointments in may? Well, I got a call the day after I emailed him letting him know i didn't get an appointment until June (he wanted me to get in for may so we could do the surgery in June.) I was offered an appointment for TODAY! Hooray!

So, Aaron and I headed over to Union City to meet with social worker who screens for eating disorders. It is very clear that I do not have an eating disorder, but she was very concerned about my psych history. Ugh! She said the surgery can be hard emotionally on a lot of people. Her worry about me, because of my 'history' is that I could get very depressed, spiral downward and ultimately make another attempt on my life. so, she is recommending to the surgeon that i meet with my Psychiatrist to review my medication management and also get hooked up with a Therapist before surgery. So, ok, whatever I will do it. I already had an appointment with my psychiatrist for next week and she can hook me up with a therapist if that is what she feels is best (since she is my psychiatrist, after all...)

One step forward, two steps back?

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  1. Robin I don't think it is two steps back, it's just part of your journey. The Lord is leading you and He will take you where it's safe. I also think it speaks volumes about your mindset to be willing to do whatever they suggest. You will get there!