Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sorry I havn't updated.... I have been struggling with some depression issues.

Like I have said before, I have been struggling with dehydration. The dizziness was becoming so hard to deal with and I just got so down. I went to the Dr on Monday because I couldn't take it anymore. She didn't think the dizziness had anything to do with the surgery or dehydration... she said I have vertigo. It is possible I was also suffering from Protein deficiency, because I have many of the symptoms (one of which is change in mood/depression). All my blood work to check for dehydration came back clean (I was on the low end of everything but still in normal ranges.) She gave me some pills that are supposed to help... just basically motion sickness pills. I havn't taken one yet.

Since then I have been focusing on making sure I get more protein than needed and keep drinking my water. Today I have only had a couple small dizzy spells, so that is great. Hopefully it continues to get better because I was really really down. that wasn't the only thing adding to my depression feelings, though... I have been feeling really lonely. I have had ONE friend come to see me and only one other even call to see how I am doing. (see now I start to cry...) It just makes me feel like my friends don't care... Of course, at church people come to me and ask how I Am feeling, but that is not the same as going out of their way to check on me, make sure I am doing ok and seeing if Aaron and I need help with anything. Maybe it shouldn't be a big deal, but honestly my feelings are hurt. Anyway... moving on...

I also talked with my Dr about my blood pressure because I was still having really low dips at times. I am supposed to just keep checking my blood pressure and not take my pill if it is ob the low end of normal. Aaron and I are hoping I will be able to just wean off them in the next week or so. I am only taking two now (I was taking 6) and my BP is staying within normal ranges w/o the pills. Two less pills to take is such a great thing! My Dr said my body is likely still getting used to being at such a lower weight, so I will have times my BP drops too low and times when I blood sugar gets too low as well, so I will have to be patient with it.

I am eating really well now. I am loving my eggs (egg salad, hard boiled, omelets, etc), made some tuna salad as well that is yummy. I give myself a spoonful of peanut butter every now and then to add some extra protein. That's really yummy! I made some chicken in the crock pot (with cream of chicken soup) and that was really yummy. I made some mashed pots and peas to go along with it, mostly for Aaron, but I had a couple bits as well. It felt like a REAL meal! haha

I didn't take a picture this week... I just didn't feel like it. But, I am weighing in at 246lb which is 70lb lost.

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  1. Hang in there! Sounds like you're healing up and I'm glad you're able to eat real food now. That's always a good thing.

    I've had a rough week myself, so I'm with you on that one! I've got Maddy, but sometimes a momma needs more than just a three year old to talk to. You'll get through this and so will I. Hang in there're doing great.