Friday, June 29, 2012

Step One- Done!

Today I finished cutting out the quilt I am making for Natalie. Well, I also cut out the bed skirt, but I figure I should work on the quilt first since it will be the most labor intensive of all the projets for her nursery. I got the idea for the design on the quilt from one I saw on etsy. I couldn't find a pattern for one like it, so I busted out the graphing paper and made my own pattern. I wanted to frame the panel piece, so that's what I did. I cut out the piece I liked the best from the panel and the built the rest around it by framing it with all the prints from Robert Kaufman's Finally Free Spring line. I featured my favorite prints and the prints I'm using for the rest of the room by making those pieces wider and bolder. Now I can't wait to get it sewn up- I love it! The pillows I am going to make will be a similar design with different pieces from the panel framed out by the prints. LOVE! It's nice and big so she will get lots of use out of it for many years to come.

This is just the pieces laid out so I could make sure I measured everything correctly and liked the layout. Not like I have extra fabric to rearrange anything if I hadn't liked it, but still.... LOL

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