Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meant to Be

Today a friend of mine sent me a link to this video, "Meant To Be" by Steven Curtis Chapman. She said she saw it at the end of a Veggie Tales video and it made her think of me and Natalie. Take a listen if you want... it's a really great song and of course made me cry. Everything makes me cry- haha!

The lyrics say,

"Long Before You Drew Your First Breath
A Dream Was Coming True
God Wanted to Give A Gift To The World
So He Wrapped It Up In You

Every Step That You've Taken
Every Move That You Make
Is Part Of His Plan

You Were Meant To Be Touching
The Lives That You Touch
And Meant To Be Here
Making This World So Much
More Than It Would Be Without You In It
You Were Meant To Be Bringing
The Gifts That You Bring
And Singing The Songs
You've Been Given To Sing

You Are Perfectly, Wonderfully,
Beautifully Meant To Be
You Were Meant To Be"

And really... how applicable is this to Aaron and my precious baby girl? God has made Natalie perfectly to fulfill HIS plan in the world. It's not the plan I had imagined for her, but I know God is going to use her life in a wonderful, powerful way.

In the last two weeks I have heard many people say a variation of, "God can heal her if he WANTS to." While I absolutely belive God has the power to heal and restore her body, I do not believe it is a matter of whether God WANTS to heal her or not. God will use Natalie in ways unknown to me at this time. Maybe God WILL restore her body or maybe God will use her because of or in spite of her disabilities. I really don't know. What I do know is, Natalie is a miracle. She absolutely is "perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully meant to be."


  1. Charlotte ThompsonJuly 5, 2012 at 6:41 PM

    Not just "in spite" of her disabilities, but also because of her disabilities. There will be people who need to hear about Jesus who might listen better because it's coming from someone who is different.

  2. that's what I said, Charlotte...

  3. This made me cry! I'm just catching up on all your blog posts. (By the way, this is Sam (natolihouse) from APA.) I occassionally stalk APA, mostly your posts and a couple others who are in due date rooms. Anyway, your story amazes and inspires me. Your little girl will be so blessed. And yes, God meant for her to be, exactly as she is.