Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow!!

Hi everyone! Surgery is tomorrow- Hooray! Yesterday I had to do the Stage 2 diet which meant liquid and partial liquid diet only. I had yogurt for breakfast, cream of chicken soup, yogurt, lime jello and a fruit Popsicle for dinner. It was a whopping 500 calories in one day! Yikes! hahaha Today was FULL liquid and only clear liquids at that. So, I had a protein drink for breakfast, the broth from onion soup and decaf tea for lunch and probably some chicken broth and maybe another protein drink tonight. So, I might take in 200-300 calories today. Holy cow- that's NOTHING! hahaha

As you know, today is father's day. My dad was so awesome to come up to see me for a couple days and join me in singing at church. It was so nice to share this day with him. I got all dressed up for the day and was able to wear my going away dress from Aaron and my wedding day. It didn't even fit me as well on the wedding day as it does today. It feels sooooo good! Mom and dad will be passing each other on the 99 as dad goes home (he has to work tomorrow) and mom comes here to be with us for a few days after surgery. It is always nice to have mommy around when I'm 'sick' :-)

here are the final post-op pics to share. I am officially down 44 pounds! Yay me!

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